Biodiversity Fair

Biodiversity fair posterBiodiversity is life

Biodiversity is our life

Humans are part of the variety of life on Earth which is called biodiversity. Biodiversity gathers us in a huge network with all organisms, species and populations living on Earth. It means that our life and future development depends on other species’ life and their successful future evolution.

In celebration of international year of biodiversity and with regard to its main goal to enhance public awareness of the importance of biodiversity, Environment Friends Club from Shahid Rajae Teacher Training University (Iran, Tehran) held a biodiversity fair in university from 24 to 26 May, 2010. This fair consisted of different parts and activities which can mainly be categorized into education and entertainment.

The first part included:

  • Book fair with more than 30 titles about biodiversity;
  • Educational packages introducing international year of biodiversity and local endangered species;
  • Technical explanation and discussion about biodiversity and related issues;
  • Governmental and non-governmental organizations were invited to educate people about biodiversity;
  • Screening and selling films about biodiversity and other environmental issues;
  • etc.

In entertainment part we had:

  • Painting exhibition in which people could freely express their emotions about biodiversity through painting.
  • Taxidermy exhibition where local extinct species were put on public view.

What mentioned above is only a brief account of our biodiversity fair and a small part of our endeavors in the long course of raising public awareness about this vital issue.

It is necessary to mention that in this educational event we enjoyed the congenial cooperation of Iranian cheetah society, Tehran environment Office, and Environment Conservation Organization of Iran.

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