On the roof of Iran

Poster of Program

Biodiversity is life

Biodiversity is our life

On the roof of Iran; Mount Damavand (5671 m).

For education and awareness about biodiversity

Biodiversity is something more than mere numbers of species living on our planet. Ecological interactions between different species have created the existence, complexity, health and actions of ecosystems on which the survival of the human race depends. Biodiversity consists of genetic diversity of life on planet earth. Without genetic diversity, life loses the ability to face change, that is, what we call adaptation.

According to increasing concern over environment and biodiversity destruction and necessity for cooperation of international, national and local groups for conservation, 2010 is selected as the international year of biodiversity. This is a good opportunity to work on solutions to stop biodiversity devastation. Understanding the problem and finding solutions is essential. Environment education seems to be a proper way to find the required solutions.

As an extension of its environment education program Environment Friends Club from SRTTU _along with major international programs such as CBD and UNEP, and domestic groups like Arad Tourism Club, Badroud Environment Protectors, and Khane-Shahryaran-e-Javan _ proceeded to ascend Mt Damavand (5671 m), the highest peak of Iran to introduce the international year of biodiversity and the issue of biodiversity itself.On Thursday 22 July 2010 in the southern path to Mt Damavand our team of environment educators represented instructive environment-related posters on a small exhibition. Instructive packages were distributed among mountaineers and posters and banners were mounted. On Friday 23 July 2010 we raised the banner of 2010 the international year of biodiversity on the top of Mt. Damavand to celebrate this global issue.

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